Why Canada?

  • The fastest legal way to become a Canadian resident.
  • Relocate in less than 12 months.
  • Over 4.1 lakh spots open for 2021.
  • Free education for your children, become a Canadian citizen later.
  • What is Express Entry?

    Canada's Express Entry system is the fastest way to migrate to Canada, leading all the way to Permanent Residency. All you need is one year of work experience to be eligible.

    Inspite of the pandemic, Canada is targeting 1.2 million to immigrants by 2023. This is your chance to apply and start a new life in Canada.

    Instantly check if you qualify

    You have a graduate degree

    You have 3+ years of experience

    You are under the age of 45

    You're proficient in English

    A Canadian PR VISA is a life-changing document

    • You have most of the same rights and obligations as Canadian citizens.
    • This is a lifetime visa - you must accumulate 2 years of residency days in each 5 year period).
    • You can apply for a Canadian citizenship after 3 years and continue holding your Indian citizenship.

    Lead a rewarding life in Canada


    Earn in Canadian dollars. 1 CAD = 60 INR


    Your kids study for free in Canadian schools. Study in world-class colleges and universities at prices far lower than the US


    Canada has one of the best health care infrastructures in the world.


    Canada is rated as one of the best countries in the world and you can be assured of a retirement you will enjoy.


    You can sponsor your relatives to join you in Canada.


    Live, work and study in any Canadian province or territory.


    Canadian passport allows you to travel visa-free to a number of countries.


    Better returns than gold, mutual funds, stocks or fixed deposits.

    Annual Salaries in Canada in 2021


    Annual salary (CAD)

    Annual salary (INR)

    Information Technology

    $ 81,724

    ₹ 49.2 lacs


    $ 78,997

    ₹ 47.6 lacs


    $ 81,260

    ₹ 48.9 lacs


    $ 72,460

    ₹ 43.6 lacs

    Healthcare & Social sevices

    $ 66,246

    ₹ 39.9 lacs

    Sales & Marketing

    $ 58,605

    ₹ 35.3 lacs

    Construction & Maintenance

    $ 54,997

    ₹ 33.1 lacs

    Childcare & Education

    $ 51,146

    ₹ 30.8 lacs

    Accounting & Administration

    $ 50,905

    ₹ 30.6 lacs


    $ 45,000

    ₹ 27.1 lacs


    $ 50,000

    ₹ 30.1 lacs

    Retail & Customer service

    $ 48,000

    ₹ 28.9 lacs

    Food services

    $ 46,000

    ₹ 27.7 lacs

    Shipping & Manufacturing

    $ 51,000

    ₹ 30.7 lacs


    $ 47,000

    ₹ 28.3 lacs

    Source: www.neuvoo.ca/(1 CAD = 60.2 INR as on 9th Oct 2021 from www.xe.com)


    How much time will this process take?

    Typically, it takes 6 to 8 months for you to receive your visa after submission. However, timelines may vary from case to case.

    Should I apply later?

    This is one of the best periods to launch your global ambitions. Leading countries are redesigning their immigration policies to attract fresh talent to their shores. Any delays will only push your application further behind others who have grabbed this opportunity. Act now to make the most of this time!

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