Among the many provinces of Canada, Quebec city is the most preferred destination for immigration. As of the surveys, thousands of skilled and professional workers migrate to the country, lured by the attractive opportunities the province throws in various sectors. The quality of life, rapid industrial development and flexible migration policies make it easier for migrants to establish a good career in this largest province of Canada.

Permanent Residence in Quebec through Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Quebec immigration is not entitled to the migration policies laid by Canada. Instead, it has its own rules of immigration. For skilled and talented workers who want to migrate to Quebec, the Quebec Skilled Worker Program is the pathway. By the means of the Quebec Skilled Worker visa you have to initially apply for an entry permit as an immigrant which can be followed by an application to permanent residence status in Quebec.

Stage 1: Apply to the Quebec government for a Quebec Selection Certificate* (Certificat de sélection du Québec). This represents that you have been accepted as an immigrant by the official bodies.

Stage 2: On having met the standard eligibility criteria, apply to CIC for permanent residence.

Eligibility criteria to qualify for the Quebec Selection Certificate

To qualify for the Quebec selection certificate (CSQ), you must earn overall 49 points under the Quebec Immigration selection system. However, if your application involves accompanying of spouse/common law partner/ conjugal partner, you need score overall 57 points.

The following table will help you with a detailed information on the selection factors for Quebec Immigration:



Maximum Points


No limit (highest points for applicants in the age range of 18- 35 years)

16 points

Level of education/ Area of training

Educational level:Minimum diploma obtained in the past 5 years, corresponding to a general or vocational high school diploma of Quebec. (increased score for higher degree)

Area of training: In case the diploma is not within 5 years, applicant must have worked for at least one year in the past 5 consecutive years, in a field directly related to the diploma or degree obtained and applied for assessment.

28 points

Work Experience

Minimum 6 months of work experience.
(increased score on having full time experience within 5 years, for any of the skilled, semi-skilled and management occupations listed under the National Occupation Classification)

8 points

Language Proficiency

Highest score can be claimed for having knowledge of the official language-French

22 points

Validated Employment offer(job offer which has been  validated by Human Resources & Skills Development Canada in Quebec)

Highest score for employment offer outside the metropolitan region of Montreal

10 points

Stay and family in Quebec

Stay in Quebec: For the purpose of study or work
Family in Quebec: Close relatives

8 points

Spouse’s characteristics

Factors like age, level of education, area of training and language proficiency are considered.

16 points

Accompanying children

Children under 19 are eligible

8 points

Financial self-sufficiency

Signing a contract stating the ability to manage the stay in the country during the initial month

1 point

Adaptability (additional points)

Based on your preparation for your immigration project.

6 points

To migrate to Quebec under the Quebec Skilled Worker program, the following aspects too are mandatory:
• Attest certified true copies (the document(s) you are submitting must be certified true to their original; either by the issuer of the document of by a recognized authority from the country/territory that issued the document).
• Language test results ( French Language ability test and English Language ability test, both)
• Evident certifications sound health and good character (approved by Canadian government)

*The Quebec Selection Ceritifcate is a document issued by the Quebec Immigration authorities (Immigration et Communautés culturelles). The significance of this document is that it represents as a permission of stay and work in Quebec to the respective applicant. It is important to note that the CSQ does not represent permanent residency and cannot be utilized for entry into Canada.