Prince Edward Island (PEI) consists of a group of Isles and it is an island itself and together they form the smallest province of Canada. The state has lush farmlands and beautiful coasts having a great scope for fishing, tourism, and agriculture.

Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program is abbreviated as PEI PNP. It is meant for attracting the prospective immigrants with skills and experience. The target is on receiving a Nomination Certificate of the state that allows the foreign nationals to apply for Canadian PR with faster process time.

Categories for applications included in PEI PNP

Express Entry Program

The candidates eligible to choose the express entry mode to migrate to PEI. This benefits the applicants for the lower processing times (maximum 6 months). Applicants having required documents and skills are preferred. It is one of the best pathway to attain Canadian Citizenship.

Labor Impact Category

The province accepts the applications from the candidates possessing the experience and expertise of the labor market skills toimmigrate to Prince Edward Island.

Skilled Workers Stream

This category is for the workers who are hired or identified by PEI employer. The relevant experience, skills and post-secondary diploma are required to fulfill the conditions for the skilled professionals.

Critical Workers Stream

This stream is for the workers who’ve already been hired by any PEI employer and that employer would sponsor them to migrate to Canada by giving the required work permit.

International Graduate Stream

This category is for the graduates from the accredited PEI universities and those candidates are been already hired by an employer from the state.

Business Impact Category

PEI accepts the applications from the candidates looking for making an investment and actively manages PEI business.

The further categories in this stream are:

• 100% Ownership Stream: This sub-category is for the candidates who will assume full ownership of PEI business through the initiation of any new business or purchasing the existing business in the province.

• Partial Ownership Stream: This category is for the individuals obtaining at least one-third of PEI business. The investment of one million CAD in the equity of a business is a must.

• Work Permit Stream: This sub-category can help in investing in a business in PEI with a work permit on theprovincial nomination. The candidates are expected to begin working in Canada and learn about the business in which they will invest.

Canada Immigration Plan-2018

Canada Immigration Plan in 2018 allows the increased number of immigrants to be a part of its provincial nominee programs. This makes it feasible to grow in the different areas with the unexplored business opportunities. It can bring your confidence levels up and give you an open chance to become a part of the Canadian land by attaining its Permanent Residency. The choice of any stream from the ones mentioned above will remarkably lead the applicants towards a better future. The assistance of agencies dealing in Canadian work visa can aid in getting the successful business or employment endeavor.

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