NWT (Northwest Territories) is a single expansive territory situated between Yukon and Nunavut. The place has only 40,000 residents and there is an abundance of natural resources to be explored. This is the reason, the Government invites skilled people to be a part of this state and give their best to explore out for the Canadian citizen benefits. There are vast geographical resources in NWT which makes it a place for the exploring people. The capital city is Yellowknife and it is an industrial hub for the workers with many recreational activities as well. The state offers a great opportunity to become a part of the Canadian residency and get the best professionals as per the skills and experience.

Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP) is for the immigrants having skills and experiences for the targeted province to receive the best services for the state from the experienced people. The foreign nationals can apply for Canadian PR with faster process times than the other states. NTNP has a different set of streams for the people willing to be a part of Canada.

1) Northwest Territories Express Entry

NTNP immigration is open for the candidates willing to enter the federal Express Entry Pool by meeting the eligibility criteria (Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades or Canadian Experience Class). This gives a chance to the NWT Express Entry stream to meet the criteria of skilled workers and become a part of the most desirable nation. Canada is the best place to live and gaining PR is feasible with this stream.

2) Employer-Driven Program

It is further categorized into two segments:

Critical Impact Worker Stream

NTNP accepts the applications for the people who’ve received an offer from NWT employer for an unskilled or semi-skilled position. The applicants are required to have already worked in the particular position in NWT for minimum six months.

Skilled Worker Stream

Northwest Territories Nominee Program applications are invited for the employment for the skilled positions from any NWT employer. The candidates must have an offering of employment from a valid employer with the required documents.

3) Business Driven Program

 Entrepreneur Stream

NTNP accepts the applications from entrepreneurs or co-owners of the business who wish to establish their venture in NWT. Business investments in all the economic sectors are welcomed for the application. The priority is given to the new products or for the significantly beneficial products to NWT.

Self-Employed Stream

NTNP has skipped this form of a business-driven program. The self-employed stream was in the category before a few days but at present, it is closed as the state focuses on its own benefits. The professional practice with a business investment for the benefit of the state is always preferred. You only have an opportunity to start a new business with a unique concept for the benefit of the state.