Canada Federal skilled trade worker visa comes under the Canadian Express Entry program. It gives the approach to immigrate to Canada to work in the enlisted occupational list. There are Canada immigration projects aiming at applying for the PR in Canada.

The work visa is given to the skilled people with appropriate certification,the Federal Skilled Trades Class (FTSC) takes care of the same. This program aids the work visa holders to apply for PR in Canada.

Eligibility criteria:

Below are the eligibility criteria for obtaining Canada PR with Skilled Trade Visa:

  • Full-time employment for at least one year in respective trade (issued by the Canadian Authority)
  • Two years of full-time work experience or five years part-time experience, in the skilled trade applied for immigration
  • Meeting the job requirements mentioned for NOC (National Occupational Classification)
  • Fulfilling the English and French language requirements set by the associated authorities

In order to immigrate to Canada by the means of the Canada Federal Skilled Trades visa, it is not mandatory for you to have educational credentials. However, a post-secondary certificate, diploma or degree will benefit you with additional points. Additionally, if you have a common-law partner, who has lived with you in a conjugal relationship for at least one year and happens to meet all the listed eligibility criteria, then any one of you can apply as a primary applicant under the Canada Immigration Express Entry program.

There are 90 eligible vocations falling into the category of Occupational List for awork visa. These categories include industrial, electrical trades, maintenance and equipment, cooks, chefs, supervisors, technical occupations, butchers, bakersand much more.

Canada Federal Skilled Trade Visa aids in immigrating to any Canadian province (excluding Quebec). Quebec has its own rules for immigrants and you need to check it for finding the right way towards the immigration process.

Check your Eligibility for Federal Skilled Trades Visa:

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